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Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)

Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)
Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)
Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)
Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)

Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)    Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)

Dragon ball z kai integral. Full version of the dragon ball z kai in dvd. Presented micro scratches and traces on cds that I can't remove. Nevertheless, after testing, all are functional.

Contact me before buying if you are interested in several ads, I will make a global one especially for you. The prices of the games, already low, will remain fixed. Only the price of transport will change. Dbz (dragon ball z) and dbz kai (dragon ball z kai) are animes that follow the same story of a famous Japanese manga series written and illustrated by akira toriyama.

This series deals more with the life and adventures of his goku in adulthood with the maturation of his son, Gohan, fighting the bad guys while looking for seven mystical dragon balls that will invoke a dragon that will fulfill all wishes. Dbz was the animated suite of the longest dragon ball. The series started and ended in Japan between 1989 and 1996.

After that, the United States obtained permission to broadcast the series in that country and was broadcast between 1996 and 2003. Although this series is based solely on manga created by toriyama, the series. The main reason is that the anime ran next to the manga, in which toriyama still wrote it at the time, and that the anime should not be ahead of the manga. An example for this would be to extend the fighting scenes between the characters to more than one episode.

Dbz kai was the high definition version of dbz designed for its 20th anniversary. "kai", which means modified, modified or updated, has been re-edited and digitally remastered for a more refreshing look. New musical and sound effects have been incorporated and reformatted to fit the big screen.

The re-recording of the dialogues by most of the original Japanese actors has been done and new works have been published. Difference between dbz and dbz kai. As mentioned above, dbz and dbz kai are basically the same cartoons with the same adapted scenario of toriyama manga. The most significant difference between the two is the fact that dbz kai has been intersected, remastered and designed for high-definition visualization.

Compared side by side, the images of dbz were darker and less clear than those of dbz kai. Dbz then used girls, but dbz kai removed all the girls and stuck to the original manga while understanding 291 episodes. 100 enhanced sound and music effects were used, but most original Japanese voices were preserved. The viewer's reaction to dragon ball z was very impressive. Under the pretext that anime is centered on the conquering good of evil, love on hatred, the bond of family and friends, and the inflexible desire to achieve goals, this series has conquered the hearts of children and adults all over the world.

Dbz and dbz kai followed the same scenario based on the manga of akira toriyama. As the anime ran with the creator who was still working on the unfinished manga, fillers were added to expand certain scenes in order to give the creator time to finish his work. Dbz kai has been digitally remastered, intersected, re-edited version of dbz suitable for high definition visualization.

The charges were removed, new sound effects and music were used, but the original Japanese actors were maintained. The item "dragon ball z kai integral (read description)" has been on sale since Thursday, September 2, 2021. It is in the category "dvd, cinema\dvd, blu-ray".

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  1. modified object: no
  2. country of manufacture: france
  3. edition: full version
  4. zone: dvd zone 2
  5. Release year: 2009
  6. sub-genre: Japanese
  7. Manufacturer part number: not applicable
  8. year of publication dvd: 2009
  9. film/series title: dragon ball z
  10. Mark: kaze
  11. format: dvd
  12. origin: Asian cinema
  13. actress/actress: his goku
  14. classification: prohibited for children under 12 years of age
  15. style: manga
  16. Genre: manga
  17. season: complete series box
  18. director: arika toriyama

Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)    Dragon Ball Z Kai Integral (read Description)