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Blu-ray Serie Box Horror American Horror Story Integral Seasons 1 A 8

Blu-ray Serie Box Horror American Horror Story Integral Seasons 1 A 8

Blu-ray Serie Box Horror American Horror Story Integral Seasons 1 A 8    Blu-ray Serie Box Horror American Horror Story Integral Seasons 1 A 8

Integral seasons 1 to 8. Original version: English with French subtitles. Send in follow-up and secure mail! Sarah paulson, evan peters, michael chiklis.

Duration: seasons 1 to 8. American horror story takes us into stories that are both poignant and nightmare-like, mixing fear, gore and political correctness. What to confront your greatest fears! The Harmon family, composed of a perverted psychiatrist, his bruised wife and their satanic daughter, settles in a haunted manor in los angeles, after the father's adultery and the mother's miscarriage. Spirits roam and are determined to torture them, in order to confront them with their greatest fears.

At briarcliff, a psychiatric institute led by an iron hand by sister Jude, the sins of the past go back to the surface while the desire and prohibitions roam in every corner... The arrival of the killer bloody face will come to disrupt the already unstable balance of the establishment...

Between sadistic nuns, demonic spirits, nymphomaniacs, pathological psychopaths, war criminals and practitioners to perverse morals... The most dangerous criminals are not necessarily those we believe..

300 years after the famous witch hunt of Salem, a handful of survivors have to face extinction while protecting their secret. At the New Orleans, a specialized school welcomes the youngest witches including Zoé, a young girl who hides a heavy secret. Fiona, the supreme, who has long been absent from the city, is reappearing to protect their existence.

1952, in the peaceful little town of Jupiter, in florid. One of the last troops of travelling saltimbanks led by Miss elsa March, composed of deformed and unusual beings, arrives in town. Their arrival coincides with a series of horrific murders committed by an evil being that threatens both residents and newcomers. The artists of this different circus will have to do everything to preserve their lives in a world where they no longer have their place. Countess Elizabeth holds with an iron hand the hotel cortez, a singular place where unusual phenomena are legion.

Detective john lowe is investigating a series of macabre murders that takes him to the cortez. He will then discover the opposite of the decor, the different employees and the residents. What about the impenetrable room 64? Why is the Countess hiding children in a strange playroom? What does iris, the manager, do with these young women she locks up?

Who's sally, a mysterious junkie? Detective john lowe will have to be wary of everyone to reveal the hotel's secrets. Presenting in the form of a docu-fiction, entitled "my roanoke nightmare", which skillfully uses found footage, this new season tells the story of a couple, shelby and matt miller, who, following a brutal attack, decides to leave los angeles to move into northern carolin.

They bought there an old farm built in 1790, unaware that it was haunted by evil spirits. Ally, ivy and oz mayfair-richards, their son, live in brookfield heights, in a residential area typical of the United States. The family lives peacefully, holding a popular restaurant, and is now far from its dark past. Nevertheless, life has not always been so quiet for ally. Having managed to overcome his phobia of clowns thanks to the help of his wife and psychotherapist, Dr Rudy vincent, his fears suddenly resurfaced when donald tromp was elected president of the United States.

Following a terrible apocalypse, some "elected" sorted on the shutter survive in a protected bunker. As tensions rise, a question haunts minds: is true hell on the outside, in the nuclear desert, or with them, in this worrisome enclosed place? An anthology series that centers on different characters and locations, including a hatted house, an insane asylum and a switch coven. These blu-ray zone b boxes (compatible france and europe) are used, in good condition and therefore all the blu-rays are fully functional. Careful and fast delivery by follow-up and secure delivery.

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    Actor/actress: sarah paulson
  1. season: complete series box
  2. Origin: American cinema
  3. zone: blu-ray zone b
  4. sub-genre: horror
  5. format: blu-ray
  6. exit year: years 2000 and after
  7. edition: box
  8. Mark: 20th century fox
  9. edition: box
  10. Genre: Horror

Blu-ray Serie Box Horror American Horror Story Integral Seasons 1 A 8    Blu-ray Serie Box Horror American Horror Story Integral Seasons 1 A 8