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Blu-ray Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 Years 6 Blu-ray

Blu-ray Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 Years 6 Blu-ray

Blu-ray Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 Years 6 Blu-ray    Blu-ray Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 Years 6 Blu-ray
Contains: - accatone (1961) in the Roman suburbs, vittorio "accatone" cataldi, a small supporter, loses his livelihood when maddalena is arrested by the police. He then began to seduce the pure and naive stella before sending it to the sidewalk. But this encounter will upset his life in the midst of everything he imagined... Mamma roma (1962) after several years of effort and deprivation, Mamma roma, a colourful character of the Roman suburbs, decides to bring back her son, become a beautiful young man, has rome, only place where? The ricotta (sketch of the collective film "rogopag", 1963) a renowned director shoots a version of Christ's passion. On the plateau between the catches, the actors spend time. One of them, Stracci, who plays one of the two larron crucified with Jesus, has only one idea in mind: to find something to eat... The evangelise according to St Matthieu (1964) an angel comes to announce to Josep that his wife is waiting for the son of God: Jesus. Jesus approached Jean-Baptist near the day and was made Christ... Enquête sur la sexualite (1965) micro à la main, pasolini interrogates Italians on their sexualite : d'o? Do women feel equal to men? Birds, small and big (1966) - oedipus king (1967) in the italia of the 1920s, a boy was born, quickly jealous by his father. At the next stage, laios, king of thebes, is warned by an oracle that he will be killed by his son oedipus, who will then push his jacoste mother. Laios then abandons the child in the desert. Saved by shepherds, the child was gathered by the king of the Corinth.

As an adult, oedipe consults the oracle on the mystery of its origins. Horrified by the answer, he then fled... Medee (1969) medee is the daughter of the king of the colchid island.

Jason, on the head of the argonauts, landing on the island to take over the golden fleece. Medee takes on jason and, uh, gr? It has its magician gifts, manages to get the trophic. After killing the brother of medee who opposed their departure, medee and jason live happy years in iolchos, then in coronary. Jason falls in love with glauca, the daughter of the king of coron, creon.

The revenge of medee will be bloody and will leave jason aneanti... Notebook for an African orestia (1970) pier paolo pasolini landed in a country of africa. He takes notes, with his camera, to prepare his next film, a transposition of oesty, the tragedy of eschyle, in today's africa.

Back in italia, he shows his first images to a group of African students from the Roma university. He asks them for their opinion... Description contains: - "accatone" - "mamma roma" - "vangile according to st matthieu" - "survey on sexualite" - "birds, small and big" - "king oedipe" - "medee".

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Blu-ray Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 Years 6 Blu-ray    Blu-ray Pier Paolo Pasolini 100 Years 6 Blu-ray