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Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player

Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player
Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player
Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player

Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player    Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player
Small size and easy to handle. Play blu-ray discs for crisp images in full HD 1080p. Blu-ray discs can support data as well as high-definition 1920 x 1080p images.

The scenes are more realistic, the movements more fluid and the images extremely sharp. The blu-ray format also provides uncompressed surround sound to make your sound experience incredibly realistic. The storage capacity of blu-ray discs allows the integration of many interactive features.

Simplified navigation during playback and other features such as pop-up menus bring a new dimension to home theater. Certified divx plus hd for high definition divx playback.

With the latest divx technology called divx plus hd, your dvd and / or blu-ray player lets you watch HD movies and videos directly on your hdtv philips or pc. The divx plus hd certified player supports playback of divx plus hd h video content.

264 with high quality aac audio in a container mkv file and older versions of divx videos up to 1080p. The divx plus hd, for a true digital video hd. Dolby truehd for high fidelity sound.

Dolby truehd technology delivers the high-quality sound of blu-ray discs. The sound broadcast is in every way identical to the studio model: you hear exactly what the creators wanted you to hear. Dolby truehd technology improves your high definition experience. Upscaling dvd video to 1080p via hdmi for near-hd images. The 1080p hdmi technology with oversampling reproduces perfectly sharp images.

Standard definition DVD movies can now enjoy high definition resolution for detailed, sharper and more realistic images. Progressive scan (the "p" of "1080p") eliminates the line structure of TVs for accurate images. In addition, the hdmi technology enables a direct digital connection that supports uncompressed digital HD video as well as multichannel digital audio (without analog conversion) for perfect sound and picture quality. Easylink controls all hdmi devices via a single remote control. Easylink allows you to control multiple devices DVD / Blu-ray players, sound bars, home theaters, TVs, etc.

With a single remote control. The standard hdmi cec protocol is used to share the functionality of multiple devices via a hdmi cable. At the touch of a button you can simultaneously control all hdmi cec compatible devices. Now, performing functions such as sleep or play is child's play. Full HD 1080p for sharper images.

You thus benefit from the best quality of image TV currently available, for an incomparable visual pleasure. Enjoy all your movies and music on CDs and DVDs. Port USB 2.0 to play videos and music from a USB key or hard drive. The universal serial bus (usb) standard is a sector-specific standard that enables the rapid connection of peripherals to a computer, consumer electronics device, or portable product. The usb 2.0 standard offers optimized performance: transfers up to 40 times faster than usb 1.0 and up to 480 Mbps, compared to 12 with usb 1.0. Once connected, the configuration is automatic. With usb 2.0, just connect your portable devices or usb hard drives and select the movie, song or photo you're interested in. Vertical layout for aesthetic and space saving readers. The vertical layout saves space and adds a touch of aestheticism to your CD player that you can place horizontally or vertically.

Innovative technology and design ensure that the system works equally well in both positions. In addition, a specially designed bracket keeps the unit in place for optimum sound quality in a vertical position. The item "philips player bdp3210b / 12 bluray / dvd / cd" is on sale since Saturday, March 10, 2018. It is in the category "image, sound \ dvd, blu-ray, home theater \ players \ dvd, blu-ray ray ".

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  1. brand: philips
  2. type: blu-ray player
  3. region code: region 2: europe
  4. features: usb entry
  5. items included in the pack: remote control

Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player    Philips Bdp3210b / 12 Bluray / DVD / CD Player