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Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray

Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray
Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray
Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray
Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray
Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray
Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray
Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray

Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray    Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray
The bdp-105d model is a remarkable evolution of the blu-ray 3d bdp-105d player equipped with image processing darbee visual presence. This model offers some very interesting new features such as: usb wifi oppo key provided. A new darbee visual presence image processing. Silicon chip image vrs® clearview.

4k video upscaling and 2d to 3d conversion. Dolby® truehd audio decoding and dolby digital plus. Audio decoding dts-hd master audio. Bistream compatible digital audio dolby atmos and dts: x. A double HDMI input with mhl compatibility.

A dual HDMI output for audio / video separation or the use of 2 tv. A new dual-core processor for faster booting and disk loading. High-end network and multimedia playback functions (smb / cifs access). An exceptional quality of image and sound. A new usb dc compatible dsd64 and dsd128 dsd entry. A platinum unique of its kind. 4k scaling - improve your home cinema experience by multiplying by 4 the full hd 1080p resolution with 4k scaling (3840 x 2160) of all video sources. Conversion 2d / 3d allows the transformation of your dvd discs, classic blu-ray discs or any other 3-dimensional video content via a 3D conversion at the touch of a button on the remote control. The DP-105d also offers an adjustment of the depth and level of convergence of the eyes according to your tastes. Dual HDMI Input - connect an external HDMI device for the full power of the BD-105d's audio / video functions. Two inputs are available, one on the front and the other on the rear panel of the unit. By bypassing the low fidelity of the low-quality dac of traditional computer sound cards, the BD-105D turns any computer into a high-performance player by converting digital audio to analog via the Saber32 reference dac to 24 -bit, 352.8 khz / 384 khz in pcm. Thus, all the files that can be read on your computer can be converted into analog by the DP-105d, including the native dsd streams (dsd64 and dsd128) that are processed directly without prior reconversion in pcm (up to 2 channels /2.8224mhz/ 5.6448mhz dsd). For added convenience and flexibility, the BD-105d can convert analog signals from cable and satellite receivers, television, video game console and any other device with coaxial and optical digital audio outputs to analog. Dmp & dmr - the digital media player (dmp) and digital media renderer (dmr) functions allow wireless streaming of audio, photo and video content stored on a dlna-compatible server device such as a computer or nas server (network storage device). Smb / cifs access - the bdp-105d provides a feature to access shared video, audio or photo content on a remote computer or nas through the local network via server message block (smb) protocols or common internet file system (cifs). For headphone listening, the BD-105d offers a built-in headphone amplifier. The dedicated amplifier is connected directly to the sabre32 ess reference dac and offers unique audiophile performance for headphone enthusiasts. Rigid frame - built around a metal frame with a brushed aluminum front and a centered optical block, the bdp-105d is designed to have a base of great stability to reproduce the highest possible quality of your media prefer. High fidelity high performance audio. Dac audio reference sabre32 - the dac is one of the most important components for digital audio playback. The ess core saber32 es9018 is the world's most powerful 32-bit audio dac. It is dedicated to the high-end public and professional studio equipment. With its 32-bit architecture, the patented ds hyperstream ds and its jitter time domain eliminator, the dac sabre32 reference offers unprecedented performance in dnr (dynamic range) up to 135db and in thd + n ( total harmonic distortion plus noise) of-120db. Its high performance will satisfy the most demanding audiophile lovers.

The DP-105d uses two ES9018 chips - one for the 7.1-channel output, and the other for the dedicated stereo output. To learn more about the technologies and exceptional performance of the saber dac, please consult the saber technical white paper. Toroidal Power - A toroidal transformer provides superior energy efficiency and much lower external magnetic fields than traditional laminated steel core transformers. Stereo xlr balanced outputs - the bdp-105d has 2 xlr professional balanced outputs 2 analog channels specially optimized via the dac es9018 and high-end output stages.

The stereo output offers both symmetrical and unbalanced xlr connectors. Balanced outputs provide true signal flow differentiation from dac to 3-pin xlr connectors. By transmitting a pair of distinct signals, the balanced output provides better noise rejection and improves the quality of the delivered signal. 7.1 Surround Sound Analog Audio Outputs - The surround sound analog audio output is ideal for connecting a 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound system. The DP-105d delivers an incredible sound stage and offers totally immersive sound sensations. For users with stereo speakers, the surround analog audio output can be set to stereo (downmix). Dolby Truehd - Dolby Truehd delivers studio-quality sound and has been designed specifically for high definition. The BD-93U supports dolby truehd format in bitstream (digital audio stream not decoded) via its output hdmi 1.4a.

It can also decode the dolby truehd format internally in order to output the stream in lpcm via hdmi or through the 7.1 analog outputs. (dolby digital and dolby digital plus audio formats are also supported). Dts-hd master audio - the dts-hd master audio delivers studio-quality sound that matches the quality of high-definition video images with up to 7.1 channels and is exactly the same as the post-studio master. The BD-93eu is able to output the audio stream from the dts-hd master audio in "bit-stream" (digital stream not decoded).

It can also be decoded internally and output in hdmi or 7.1 analog audio. Dolby Atmos - dolby atmos is a new type of multi-point sound that allows you to use up to 24 floor speakers and 10 speakers on the ceiling. Dts: x - the dts: x is a new multi-channel multi-channel audio format that allows to use a multitude of speakers positioned both on the floor and ceiling up to a maximum of 22 speakers. Universal blu-ray disc deck - High-definition blu-ray disc format provides the ultimate picture and sound quality for your home theater setup.

Blu-ray 3D - High Definition takes another dimension! The BD-93eu is fully compatible with the blu-ray 3d format (requires a TV / projector 3d and 3d glasses). Sacd - the bdp-105d platinum is compatible with the super audio format cd (sacd) and both high-resolution stereo and multi-channel content. The bdp-105d can output the audio stream in dsd (direct stream digital) by the output hdmi 2 in its native format (bitstream) or it converted to pcm.

Dvd-audio - the bdp-105d reads dvd-audio and supports both stereo audio and high-resolution multi-channel content. Users can read both the entire disc and only a portion of a DVD-audio and DVD-video. Netflix instant streaming - instant access to the netflix video on demand service. A large catalog of movies and tv series is available and the "just for kids" option is responsible for selecting programs for children. This option is included in your netflix subscription. Some programs offer 1080p resolution, 5.1 audio, subtitles and various sound tracks (netflix is ​​not available in all countries).

Internet Services - in addition to netflix, the bdp-105d offers access to many popular internet services such as youtube, picasa, leanback and more to come. Bd-live & bonusview - the bdp-105d is compatible bd-live (profile 2.0) and has all the necessary physical components - audio / video decoder, ethernet and wi-fi, and an internal memory of 1gb necessary for bd-live functions live. The machine is also compatible with the bonusview feature (profile 1.1) and allows the "picture-in-picture" function and audio features to activate the audio commentary of the director or actors during the movie playback.

Other disks and file formats - other disks and file formats such as dvd discs, cd audio, hdcd, kodak picture cd, and avchd, mp4, avi, m2ts, ts, mkv, mpo, jpg, png formats , flac, wav, alac, flac, dsd, aiff, mp3 and other audio / video / image files burned on optical discs, local network in sbm / nfs or usb devices (ntfs, exfat up to 16 to) can be read on the bdp-105d. Multiple audio files can be chained without mute (audio gapless). The audio gapless does not work on all types of files currently works with flac, wav, and ape files.

Establishes a fundamental breakthrough in the field of video image processing. By integrating stereoscopic depth information generated by a patented model based on human vision into 2d or 3d video, the darbee visual presence method. Provides greater dynamics and increases the perception of depth providing a more realistic and brighter image.

The processing power level is adjustable, allowing you to customize the visual enhancement to your liking and memorize the settings in one of 3 dedicated memories. For more information on darbee visual presence technology. Silicon image vrs® clearview chip - the proprietary silicon image vrs® clearview technology performs real-time video processing that greatly improves image quality. Technologies that incorporate clearview vrs technology can significantly improve low definition content and highly compressed sources such as streaming media and internet videos downloaded clearview vrs technology includes a number of sophisticated image processing technologies designed to reduce compression and video noise, remove compression artifacts and improve the level of detail. This is especially important when processing low-resolution content, but also enhances blu-ray-quality video, bringing out details and shades that are invisible in the original content.

Motion-adaptive dvd de-interlacing by pixel and advanced up-scaling mode to transform the standard definition of a dvd image to high definition in order to adapt to the resolution of your TV. The qdeo add-on video processor offers image options that deliver a brighter, smoother, and more natural image without video noise or compression artifacts. True 24p video - many blu-ray discs are encoded in 24 frames per second, the same frequency as the original movie screened in theaters. The DP-105d is able to deliver the original fluidity using 1080p 24hz output (compatible equipment required) for better fluidity and flicker for a very "cinema" display.

"Direct source" mode - for users who want to use an external video processor or scaler, the bdp-105d offers a "direct source" video mode. In this case, the original audio / video stream is sent live without alteration or modification of the signal. Multiple zoom mode - the bdp-105d is compatible with a large number of image and zoom ratios. Users can view a movie in its original ratio, in full screen or zoomed in order to remove the black bands of some titles.

Anamorphic mode - for users with a 2.35: 1 screen at constant image height (cih), the zoom function also offers a vertical mode of deformation in order to use an anamorphic lens. A unique subtitle position change feature allows users to move subtitles vertically, making it possible to use a 2.35: 1 cih display.

Note: some blu-ray discs with bd-java features may make zooming operations impossible. Advanced Image Control - Users can benefit from advanced setting options for contrast, saturation, hue, detail level, noise reduction, and color and contrast enhancement. The player can save the settings in independent memories in order to enjoy a multitude of contents in different viewing conditions. Dual hdmi output - two hdmi v1.4a outputs are provided to allow you to get optimum sound and picture quality (separate audio and video streams) and take advantage of your old non-hdmi 1.4 compatible audio equipment or even to broadcast the image on 2 TVs 2d or 3d simultaneously. For the owners of the projector, the dual output allows to connect the player simultaneously on the projector and the TV for occasional use. The bdp-105d is compatible 3d and deep color on both outputs hdmi.

Mhl input - simply connect smartphones, tablets or other portable devices to your home theater on the mobile high-definition link (mhl). Triple USB Port - Three USB 2.0 "high speed" ports are available, one on the front panel of the unit and two on the back of the machine. Users can enjoy high-definition video, high-definition photos and lossless music directly from a USB stick or external hard drive. Note: USB 3.0 is not required for playback, even for high-speed audio / video playback.

The bit rate of USB 2.0 is indeed much higher than that required for reading the largest HD video files. 1080p and listen to digital music while charging your connected devices.

The port hdmi front is compatible mhl. Pal / ntsc conversion - the bdp-105d supports pal and ntsc formats for both playback and video output (50 hz / 59.94 hz).

Each of the formats can be converted from one to the other (functionality dependent on DVD area restrictions and blu-ray regions). Backlit remote control - the DP-105d comes with a fully backlit remote control for easy use in a dedicated home theater room including in complete black. With ergonomics foolproof and clear indications on each button, navigation is easier than ever. Universal power supply - the DP-105d is equipped with a universal power supply compatible with all regions of the world. The voltage from 100v-120v to 200v-240v can be switched from one to the other via a switch on the back of the unit.

Voltage switching is a delicate operation that can lead to serious breakdowns that are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. This functionality should be handled with care and knowledge. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us before any manipulation. External Infrared - For ease of integration into home theater control systems, the BD-105D offers an external IR connector for use with a remote programming and wireless remote control system. Rs-232 Port - For custom high-end installations, the DP-105D offers rs-232-type remote control communication connectivity.

Installers will be able to use their favorite programming systems without limitation to drive the DP-105D. Hdmi cec - the hdmi protocol consumer electronics control. Gracenote musicid® and videoid - thanks to the gracenote internet database dedicated to media, the bdp-105d can offer rich browsing with album art and display information such as "title\, and others for cd, dvd, blu-ray, and a large number of digital file formats. Remote control apps - for greater ease of use, the BD-105D can be controlled remotely via an android application for tablets and smartphones.

In addition to the virtual remote control function, the media control application allows you to explore your multimedia library and control the playback of these. The item "oppo bpd-105d darbee edition (region-free) dvd / blu-ray" is for sale since Sunday, October 29, 2017. It is in the category "image, sound \ hi-fi, sound, audio material \ separate elements hifi ". The seller is "lar061" and is located in mont st aignan. This item can be shipped to the following country: France.

Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray    Oppo Bpd-105d Darbee Edition (region-free) DVD / Blu-ray