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One Piece Part 3 Limited Edition Collector's Box (41 Dvd)

One Piece Part 3 Limited Edition Collector's Box (41 Dvd)

One Piece Part 3 Limited Edition Collector's Box (41 Dvd)    One Piece Part 3 Limited Edition Collector's Box (41 Dvd)

One piece part 3 - limited edition - box collector (41 dvd). A rc thriller bark (episodes 326 - 389). Luffy pursues his dream of becoming the king of pirates.

After returning to the main line, the crew of the straw hat reached the florian triangle. The legends say that whole crews have disappeared in this part of the ocean ... Unconsciously, Luffy will make the mistake of recovering a barrel in the sea, which is nothing but an offering to the ghost island of Thriller bark, an island that contains black secrets, and creatures stranger one another ... Arc sabaody (episodes 390 - 405). After saving octy, cami and pappag from the clutches of the exocet riders, the straw hat crew heads for the sabaody archipelago.

On the spot, they discover the city of the bubbles and its universe paradisiac but the pleasure is of short duration. Camie is captured and luffy and her band learn that here men-fish are sold at auction as slaves. Besides the fearsome pirates sought for more than 100 million berrys are also present: the supernovae enter the scene!

Arc amazon lily (episodes 406 - 421). On the sabaody archipelago, the straw hat crew was scattered through my airs by bartholomew kuma. After several days of flying, luffy crashes on an island with lush vegetation, guarded by sea monsters and ferocious natives. He meets the kujas, the dreaded pirates of the Amazons of all.

Their empress is none other than boa hancock, the most beautiful woman in the world, a great pitiless corsair. Arc impel down (episodes 422 - 456). Luffy has just learned that the navy owned his big brother ace and was planning to execute it. His only chance is to infiltrate impel down, the gigantic penitentiary of the world government where his brother is detained pending his execution. Only this prison, which contains the most infamous pirates in the world, is known to be a real hell from which no one has ever escaped.

Will Luffy succeed in saving his brother in time? Ford marine arc (episodes 457 - 516). Ace, the commander of the second division of the white beard crew will be executed at 3pm precise to navy ford. To ensure the smooth execution of this execution, the world government mobilized the elite troops of the navy: more than 100,000 soldiers and 50 warships and summoned its most powerful men: the great corsairs and the admirals. In order to prevent execution, white beard reunites his crew and appeals to the 43 pirate captains who swore allegiance to him in the new world to take ford naval assault. The biggest battle since the beginning of the golden age of piracy is about to begin: the world government forces against the strongest man in the world and their sons. A battle whose outcome will forever disturb the balance of the world. Will Luffy succeed in gaining a place in this battle at the top to save his brother?

This limited collector box set of the series tv one piece contains 41 dvd (191 episodes), ie arcs 6 to 10 (thriller bark, sabaody, amazon lily, impel down, marine ford). French and Japanese (subtitled in French). Dedicated to cartoon children and Japanese animation!

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  1. format: dvd
  2. genre: animation, animated
  3. subgenus: tv series
  4. origin: Asian cinema
  5. zone: dvd: 2
  6. editing: collector
  7. year of release: 2000 and later
  8. language: english

One Piece Part 3 Limited Edition Collector's Box (41 Dvd)    One Piece Part 3 Limited Edition Collector's Box (41 Dvd)