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Game Of Thrones The Complete Seasons 1 To 6 DVD New

Game Of Thrones The Complete Seasons 1 To 6 DVD New

Game Of Thrones The Complete Seasons 1 To 6 DVD New   Game Of Thrones The Complete Seasons 1 To 6 DVD New

Game of thrones (the iron throne). The complete seasons 1 to 6 - dvd. A long time ago, in a forgotten era, a force destroyed the balance of the seasons.

In a country where summer can last several years and winter a lifetime. Sinister and supernatural forces are crowding the gates of the kingdom of the seven crowns. The brotherhood of the night guard, protecting the kingdom from any creature that can. Coming from beyond the protective wall, no longer has the resources to ensure the safety of all.

After a summer of ten years, a harsh winter falls on the kingdom with. The promise of a dark future. Meanwhile, conspiracies and rivalries are playing out on the continent to seize.

Iron throne, symbol of absolute power .. "game of thrones (the iron throne) - season 1". "game of thrones - season 2".

"game of thrones - season 3". "game of thrones - season 4". "game of thrones - season 5". "Game of thrones (the iron throne) - season 6". Complete seasons 1 to 6 (60 episodes).

Game of thrones - season 1. "complete guide to westeros": interactive collection of information and 24 stories about the seven kingdoms, its houses and regions (vf / vost).

Making of (30'02 - vost). Creation of the credits (5'07 - vost).

Adaptation of the book on the screen (5'14 - vost). Portraits of the characters (30'42 - vost).

"the night guard": discover the men who watch the wall (8'07 - vost). Creation of the dothraki language (5'27 - vost). Game of thrones (iron throne) - season 2. "creation of the battle of the nera": report behind the scenes.

"religions of westeros": interview with george r. Martin, David Benioff and d. "game of thrones: with friends": round table about season 2 with emilia clarke, harington kit, lena headey, michelle fairley, liam cunningham, david benioff and d. 12 audio comments by the actors and the film crew. 7 new portraits of the characters. Game of thrones - season 3. "the storm is approaching": summary of season 2 (14 '). "the politics of marriage": the concept of marriage to westeros (8 ').

"among the savages": introduction to the savages and their history (8 '). The new characters of season 3 (9 '). 5 scenes cut or extended (14 '). Game of thrones - season 4. "fall: a round table": bryan cogman sits down with some cast members meeting death in season 4 (30 ').

"The Politics of Power: Back on Season 3": Relive the brutal events of Season 3 to understand the power changes that define Westeros at the beginning of Season 4. "Westeros Bastards": David Benioff and d. Weiss and the author george r.

Martin discuss the role played by bastards in the seven kingdoms. Behind the scenes of the battle for the wall.

11 audio comments from the casting and the film crew. New characters: discover the new societies, cultures and places of season 4. Game of thrones - season 5. "anatomy of an episode: the mercy of the mother": from the first stages of writing to special effects, discover the elements that created an episode that fans will talk about during years.

"the true story behind the iron throne": observe historians, accompanied by george r. Martin, explore what inspired the construction of the series like "The Two-Roses War" and other historical events in this two-part documentary. "one day in a lifetime": three countries, hundreds of actors and professionals, during an epic day. Live the filming of Season 5 as if you were there. "new characters and places": explore the new places, societies and cultures of season 5.

12 audio commentary from cast members and film crew including david benioff, d. Weiss, peter dinklage, lena headey, harington kit, maisie williams, nikolaj coster-waldau, natalie dormer, gwendoline christie ..

game of thrones (the iron throne) - season 6. "episode guide": news in progress viewing episodes on the characters. Places and stories from the seven kingdoms (excluding blu-ray - text sheets and video modules). "the battle of the bastards".

"18 hours at the paint hall". Actors: peter dinklage, nikolaj coster-waldau, lena headey, emilia clarke, kit arington. Weiss, alex grave, michelle maclaren, alik sakharov, neil marshall. Hungarian (dolby digital 2.0), polish (dolby digital 2.0), english (dolby digital 5.1), czech (dolby digital 2.0), french (dolby digital 5.1), castilian (dolby digital 5.1),ish (dolby digital 2.0),ish (dolby digital 5.1),ish, French, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, English, Castilian.

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. 16: 9 - 1.78: 1. Release date of the DVD.

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Game Of Thrones The Complete Seasons 1 To 6 DVD New   Game Of Thrones The Complete Seasons 1 To 6 DVD New