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Farscape Integral Pack Season 1 A 4 + Peacekeeper Wars

Farscape Integral Pack Season 1 A 4 + Peacekeeper Wars

Farscape Integral Pack Season 1 A 4 + Peacekeeper Wars   Farscape Integral Pack Season 1 A 4 + Peacekeeper Wars

Description farscape - full season 1 - episode 1 to 22 a fantastic universe, in the line of dune and star wars! Space opera is one of a kind, farscape renews the genre of science fiction, with characters more extravagant of each other. The decorations are sumptuous, the intrigues are delirious.

John Crichton, astronaut, leaves for a mission aboard his module, farscape 1. He is suddenly sucked by a vortex, and finds himself in the confines of the universe. Accidentally hitting a marauder, farscape 1 is projected inside Moya, a living ship. On board, several alien renegade prisoners. Farscape - Complete Season 2 - Episode 1 - 22 In the second season of farscape in 11 dvd, find your favorite heroes in new adventures full of twists and suspense.

You will discover new characters, aliens even more delusional, as well as an even more Machiavellian scorpius! At the end of the 1st season, john crichton and ka dargo are adrift in space, with aeryn sun on their heels to rescue them.

How are they going to get out of this bad step? Farscape - season 3 - volume 1 - episode 1 to 12 discover the darkest of the series, new characters even more terrifying and intrigues even more original and surprising.

The first 12 episodes of this third season mark a new step in the farscape universe, both dramatically and in the darkest and most striking humor. Farscape - season 3 - volume 2 - episode 13 to 22 with even more new aliens, suspense, and black humor, become the "trademark" of the series, the last 10 episodes of farscape promise us a fireworks of action and pure demotion, in the tradition of the greatest series of science fiction. Farscape - Season 4 - Volume 1 - Episode 1 to 10 After destroying the scorpius projects on vortex technology, and destroying his flagship, thanks to the sacrifice of talyn and the captain crais, the crew of Moya plans to separate. Aeryn flies into a patrol boat. Crichton pursues her in farscape one, after learning what a child was waiting for. At the same time, a vortex appears and engulfs Moya, leaving crichton wandering in space without fuel the season of death is it really over? Farscape - season 4 - volume 2 - episode 11 to 22 aeryn, returned aboard Moya, accompanied by scorpius who saved her from a certain death. Crichton, meanwhile, has escaped the claws of grayza that pursues him relentlessly.

Jool left the leviathan, while two new recruits, noranti and sikozu, joined him. Ka dargo is elected captain of the ship, in order to ease the dissension between the pilot and the rest of the crew.

Everyone unanimously chooses to sail towards the tormented space, where the pacifiers are not welcome. But other dangers lie in wait for them, and not the least farscape: the peacekeeper wars interplanetary war is on the way, can John Crichton save the universe? Pleased by all, this ultimate opus is a recital of special effects and suspense. The peacekeeper wars is the most exciting and innovative mini-series of the moment!

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Farscape Integral Pack Season 1 A 4 + Peacekeeper Wars   Farscape Integral Pack Season 1 A 4 + Peacekeeper Wars